Surabhi Sriram

started my career with GKHR about 2.5years ago and believe me it is such a short stint as compared to many others who have been working with GKHR, some of them who have even crossed 8years and still counting. That’s the work culture and comfortable environment GKHR provides that we never feel like moving out from here. We have even had people move out but still come back just because they couldn’t find anything better than GKHR.

I started as Sr. Recruiter working from home and within 2.5years I have moved up in my career, now working as a Sr. Lead – Talent Acquisition managing a team of 5. It is all because of Gopal and GKHR as every individual here is assessed and appreciated no matter whether they work from the office or from the home.

There is so much scope to learn and experiment here and challenges never end. Even as working so far from office, I have never felt disconnected from the team and GKHR as a whole that is how beautifully Gopal has held this organization together. It is still tough for everyone to believe that I get paid well and also get increment and incentives as per industry standards.

My stint here has been very rewarding and it has been one of my best decisions to get associated with GKHR.

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