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Culture Survey 2019

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Our Work Culture

“There is no substitute for experience”which is why we hire smart ‘experienced’ recruiters in various sectors.

Work From Gkhrc (WFG) office: JP Nagar 7th Phase – We prefer hiring those who live in and around JP Nagar, Bangalore only.Your time should be spent with your family, friends & Colleagues and definitely not in traffic.

Work From Home (WFH): We at GKHRC recognize the diverse talents who have taken a break from work for personal commitments and family reasons. We have highly talented experienced recruiters operating from home across India who have seen both corporate and consulting recruitment world.

Work From Onsite (WFO):  We hire experienced seasoned recruiters to operate from our client place on an RPO model.

Work For Client (WFC):  We also hire Recruiters on Full time & Contract Basis for our clients.

Employee Testimonials

Surabhi Sriram

Senior Lead Talent Acquisition

 I started my career with GKHR about 2.5 years ago and believe me it is such a short stint as compared to many others who have been working with GKHR, some of them who have even crossed 8 years and still counting. That’s the work culture and comfortable environment GKHR provides that we never feel like moving out from here. We have even had people move out but still come back just because they couldn’t find anything better than GKHR.
I started as Sr. Recruiter working from home and within 2.5 years I have moved up in my career, now working as a Sr. Lead – Talent Acquisition managing a team of 5. It is all because of Gopal and GKHR as every individual here is assessed and appreciated no matter whether they work from the office or from the home.
There is so much scope to learn and experiment here and challenges never end. Even as working so far from office, I have never felt disconnected from the team and GKHR as a whole that is how beautifully Gopal has held this organization together. It is still tough for everyone to believe that I get paid well and also get increment and incentives as per industry standards.
My stint here has been very rewarding and it has been one of my best decisions to get associated with GKHR.

I have recently completed 4 years of association with GK HR and its been a great journey filled with opportunities, challenges and learning. When I joined GK HR in 2015 after a career gap of 3yrs, I was completely new to this recruitment. I started from the scratch and within a span of 1 year I got the additional responsibility of client handling. I have learnt a lot during this period and I have not only grown professionally but also as a person.

I am happy to be associated with this organization where employees are encouraged to take on different responsibilities other than regular work and talents are appreciated.
I am always thankful to Gopal sir for being supportive throughout.

Soumi Roy Choudhury

Lead Talent Acquisition

Latha Raman

Lead Talent Acquisition

I joined GK HR Consulting in 2016 and ever since then it’s been learning and growing. This is my 1st job after a long break. The timely appreciation given to me on my work has helped me to grow leaps and bounds. I have grown from a Sourcing Specialist to a Lead and this journey was exciting with ups and downs.

I have gained confidence and definitely a better person today. The atmosphere here is good with supportive colleagues, I admire the complete professionalism followed here. I’m glad to be a part of an organization which keeps its clients and employees first rather than focusing solely on its profits.

I feel great being associated with GK HR and has been close to 3 years now, initially I, was a little hesitant to pick this profession up as I come from a diversified background at the same time I did not want to give up without trying! There is one man behind us who keeps us going no matter what!
Gopal was motivating, approachable and supportive boosted up my confidence and guided me at every tiny step I took…

I am thankful to both Gopal and Indira Gopal where one taught me about recruitment/coordination and client management while the other on the operations!

The journey has been exciting with ups and downs! From sourcing specialist to a Lead – Talent Acquisition!! With each day I have been learning something new! A bunch of friendly folks! Positive aura! Up grading the skills and fun time to relax while we work! All together makes a great environment!

Mandara Rajendra Kumar

Lead Talent Acquisition

Priyanka Prakash

Lead Talent Acquisition

It’s almost 3 years of association with GKHR where I played my 2nd innings which is completely full of perennial step wise learning. I must say, I have learnt to accept my past without regret, handle my present with confidence and face my future without fear.
Not only focused on goal achieving work, but this workplace is full of Fun & Frolics where we celebrate Fun Fridays, festivals, birthday celebrations etc.Not to miss, GKHRC always does on-time salary payment to its employees, ready to listen your views/inputs/suggestions anytime.
Want to thank Gopal who is active and stays with the folks, searches their capability, molds them and shows them the correct way to move forward.”

I have been associated with GKHR from 2016, this was a life changing opportunity which came thru my way, when I really wanted to get back to work after my first delivery where I had a lot of challenges in fulfilling the needs of regular office work with a small kid , that’s where Gopal offered me work from home option , inhibiting lot of confidence in me to do more , giving me the additional responsibilities like client handling and also the support which he renders to the new comers to handle critical situations is commendable.

Throughout my journey with GKC I was given various opportunities including 1 year onsite at the client place to gain knowledge and enhance my learning curve, in a nut shell Our organization helps the employees to improve themselves towards perfection and success along with its success, it’s the best place to work with lot of transparency , motivation and the process set are very clear and also the management and higher authorities are very approachable and employee friendly , I am very happy to be a part of GKC , I am definitely sure GKHR has been a support system for all those young and energetic house wives/ women who wanted to kick start their career and achieve more on their career front , by offering them flexi work option.

Mamatha Manjunath

Lead Talent Acquisition

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We want people who are driven by more than pay.You can work with us as an entrepreneur.We want people who still get excited about small wins even when the big ones happen. We believe in appreciation.We want people who enjoy the journey as well as the destination.We recognize efforts & also the results.We want people who are good enough at what they do to believe in successful outcomes. We provide you with world-class clients, tools, apps & systems to achieve the same.We want people who like to work in search firms than doing just corporate recruitment. Your work will not be monotonous unless you make it that way.We want people who approach the world with a beginner’s mind and are open to learning new things. Every day is a learning for us at GKHRC.

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